Unique biological product derived from Sea Weed Extract (Sargassum weightii). Contains Biologically activated nutrients, Enzymes, Hydrolyzed protein complexes. Plant growth promoters (Auxins) Gebberllines, Cytokinins, Betaines. Helps in better nutrient uptake, better root growth better quality and higher yield. Provides resistance to draught and frost conditions. Product tested with proves results on Agriculture and Horticulture Crops. Non-toxic, non-hazardous and safe to use.

Ascorbic Acid 5.3 mg/100 ml
Hyderolysed Proteins - Amino Acids 1.4-1.6mg/100
Cytokinins And Auxins 1 -2.4 mg/100 ml
Carbohydrate (Mannitol) 0.73 TO 0.9 mg/100 ml
Organic Trace Nutrients (Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn) 300 mg/100 ml
Soft Water Q.S

We offer the product packed in a variety of HDPE packs ranging from 100 ml, 250 ml. 500 ml, 1 lt, 5 lt and 200 lt


The product contains biological activated and motivated macro and trace nutrients, Active endo and exo – enzymes, Hydrolyzed protein complexes and Plant growth promoters. The product stimulates Protein and Carbohydrate production in crops. It also leads to Prolonged Chlorophyll production and photosynthesis and gives beneficial effects in stress conditions.


Product tested with proves results on Agriculture and Horticulture Crops.

1 Shake well before use.
2 Mix 2-3 ml in one litre of water and spray.
3 For better results spray 3 times at 15 days interval at active growth, flowering & fruiting crops.
4 For sand mix application, mix 500 - 1000 ml in 10 Kg dry sand & apply for one acre.
5 Can be mixed with pesticides, fungicides except copper based products

Humic & Fulvic substances (HFS) is an unique plant growth stimulant and soil conditioner, obtained by extraction process from well made organic matter under the action of natural microorganism and earth worms (ground worms).

Besides having 6% Humic substances, the product also contains a range of micro-nutrients, macro-nutrients and organic compounds which are very important contributors to a healthy plant and fertile soil.

General features
Appearance Dark Black/Brown liquid
Odour Earthy
Specific gravity 1.08 - 1.10
Solubility 100 %
pH 10 to 11
Typical analysis
Nitrogen 1,500 - 2,000 mg/lt
Phosphorous 14,500 - 16,500 mg/lt
Potassium 7,000 - 8,000 mg/lt
Sulphur 1,000 - 1,800 mg/lt
Magnesium 300 - 400 mg/lt
Manganese 5 - 15 mg /lt
Calcium 200 - 300 mg/lt
Zinc 50 - 150 mg/lt
Boron 40 - 50 mg/lt
Iron 30 - 100 mg/lt
CEC 900 - 1,500 mq/lt
Physical benefits
1 Increases water holding capacity of the soil
2 Increases soil aeration
3 Improves soil workability
4 Reduces soil erosion
5 Improves drought tolerance
Chemical benefits
1 Increases the capacity of retaining and exchanging soil nutrients.
2 Retains water soluble inorganic fetilisers in the root zones and releases them to plants when needed.
3 Moves nutrients that are blocked in soil, causing them to be able to assimilated by plants.
4 Effective chelates and complexes soil micro nutrients.
Biological benefits
1 Accelerates germination rates & enhances seedling emergence & uniformity even under adverse conditions
2 Stimulates growth and proliferation of desirable soil micro organisms
3 Stimulates root growth and shoo growth.
4 Enhances plant foliar nutrient absorption and translocation
5 Stimulates plant growth by accelerating cell division
6 Increases vitamin content in plants
7 Increases plant enzyme production

DERISOM-PC is an organic fertilizer containing N, P, K, minor and trace elements in readily absorbable form. It also contains Karanj bitters which help in controlling soil insects, fungal pathogens, termites and nematodes.

When it is mixed with urea and other fertilizers, it acts as good nitrification inhibitor due to its bitter limonoid constituents of Karanj oil, which makes the soil more fertile by blocking soil bacteria from converting nitrogenous compound into useless nitrogen gas in the soil and thus nitrogen (urea) loss is minimized.

When used as soil amendment, it improves soil texture, pH, Oxygen level, nutrient status and soil structure.

It supplements humus and increases the water holding capacity.

It plays vital role on reclaiming waste land, saline and alkaline, acidic soils and desert soils. These soils can be converted into potential cultivable land by using.

Physical description Brown to black, bitter, powder
Particles passing thru’ 90% passing thru’ 2 mm mesh
Assay Karanj Oil 8 % w/w min.
Ash content Less than 14%
Moisture Less than 10%
Protein 20 % min.
Carbohydrates 15 % min.
Fibre content 15 % max.
Field Crop
Rice 80-100 Kg At the time of land preparation.
40 Kg  25-30 days with fertilizer 
Chillies  100 - 120 Kg At the time of transplanting
60 Kg 60days with fertilizer
Cotton 100 - 130 Kg At the time sowing.
65 Kg 60days with fertilizer 
Groundnut 80 - 100 Kg At the time of sowing
40 Kg 45days with fertilizer
Sugar Cane  120 - 150 Kg  At the time of planting.
80 Kg 45days with fertilizer
80 Kg 90 days with fertilizer
Banana  100 -120 Kg  At the time of planting.
60 Kg  45days with fertilizer
80 Kg 90days with fertilizer
Pulses  60 - 80 Kg  At the time of sowing
Potato 80 - 100 Kg  At the time of planting
40 Kg  45days with fertilizer
Horticulture / Flowers
Tomato, Cabbage 100 - 120 Kg At the time of transplanting / Sowing.
Brinjal, 60 Kg 20 days with fertilizer
Cauliflower and Other Vegetables 60 Kg 40 days with fertilizer
Tomato, 100 - 120Kg At the time of transplanting
Onion/Garlic 80 - 100 Kg At the time of planting
Termeric 40 Kg 45 days with fertilizer
Floriculture 400 - 450 Kg As soil application for New plantation.
80 - 100 Kg with fertilizer application
Cockroach Control

ROACHOFF (Biotech product for Cockroach Control)

ROACHOFF is a specifically formulated Gel to kill cockroaches.

ROACHOFF is to be pasted on few spots on cockroach movement areas of kitchen, store, crevices etc.

ROACHOFF is not harmful to pets and human beings. Cockroaches get attracted to ROACHOFF and lick the Gel and get killed after a few hours.

Apply ROACHOFF as and when you see build up of cockroach population


(Herbal product for repelling flies)

FLYSHIELD contains herbal ingredients that repell flies and insects.

FLYSHIELD is formulated as a fine free flowing emulsifiable concentrate and easy to spray / apply by mixing in water.

FLYSHIELD is to be mixed @ 1 ml per Litre of water and be applied as spray / drench on floor of kitchen, rooms etc. FLYSHIELD repells Houseflies and other obnoxious insects. Repeat the application on re-occurrence of insects


PERSUIT is an effective disinfectant for home, hospital, institutional and industrial use. PERSUIT helps maintain a hygienic environment. PERSUIT kills germs and odour-causing bacteria, fungi and common viruses.

Unique Features and Advantages
  1. Sanitises and deodorizes in one go.
  2. Provides a hygienic environment. Prevents molds growth.
  3. Virucide - Kills viruses on non-porous surfaces. Kills HIV-1 virus.
  4. Fungicide - Effectively fights fungus growth when used on surfaces such as kitchen and bath area.
  5. Can be easily diluted in water and mixed as per exact cleaning /disinfectant needs
  6. Fresh pine fragrance leaves behind a light fragrance, without harsh chemical smells
  7. Phosphate-free formula Contains biodegradable surfactant.

Directions for Use
Disinfects and sanitises equipment and utensils in
  1. Restaurants and Hotels
  2. Meat and poultry processing units
  3. Hospitals and Clinics.
  4. Industries and Offices

Cleans and sanitises all hard surfaces in homes. Kills harmful Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi
Apply on:
  1. Walls, floors
  2. Kitchen counter-tops
  3. Tables and chairs
  4. Bed frames
  5. Sinks and toilet bowls
  6. Shower-areas
  7. Bathroom floors
  8. Baby's room
  9. Food surfaces
  10. Dish racks
  11. Garbage bins

Dose / Application Rate
For disinfecting food contact surfaces:
  1. Dilute 5 ml PERSUIT in 1 Litre of water and spray on surface, leave to dry before placing food on the surface again.

For hard surface areas in the hospital. Use for floor mopping:
  1. Dilute 15 ml PERSUIT in 1 Litre of water.

For hard surface areas in homes:
  1. Use the diluted PESRUIT for floor mopping. 7-8 ml of PERSUIT in 1 Litre of water.


Discard unused diluted portion immediately after use or when solution becomes cloudy. Wear rubber gloves when using product. Keep out of reach of children.

Do not bring the bottle cap in contact with water for cleaning etc., as it may affect the efficacy of the product.

Recommended to be used as a disinfectant and not for sterilization.


PERSUIT is Currently Available in :

5O Lt, 20 Lt, 5 Lt, 1 Lt, 500 ml, 250 ml and 100 ml containers